Month: November 2020

IWC Pilots Replica Chronograph

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Replica IWC Pilot Chronograph Edition CF3. CF3 has been improved based on the Spitfire chronograph, these improvements should attract traditionalists, such as soft iron shroud to prevent magnetism.

It is based on the Spitfire Pilot’s Replica Watches with three adjustments. Most notably, the three-date aperture has been deprecated in favor of the traditional single-date window.

Secondly, the 43mm steel case has a strong back cover and a soft iron internal cage to prevent magnetic fields, which is not available in the IWC Spitfire Replica.

Finally, the dial, or more precisely the top of the soft iron cage, is matte black, with beige distressed Luminova on the hands and hour markers. The Fake IWC Watch is not much different from the regular model, but it looks more like a traditional pilot watch, especially with a revised date window.

The IWC Portugieser Replica With Stainless Steel Bracelet

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The IWC Portugieser fake watch was recently treated to upgraded internals in the form of the classic column-wheel 69355 caliber, so a bracelet to match seems like the final step in the evolution of the model which is now inching towards three decades of existence.

Good things take time, and there’s certainly something to be said about the small changes made over the lifespan of the IWC Replica that make it what it is today – bracelet and all.

Any bracelet would give the watch a more sporty personality, but the bracelet that IWC has chosen for the Fake Portugieser Chronograph lends a particularly rugged aesthetic to the watch, which was originally designed for navigation tasks.

It’s always been a capable wristwatch with the horological chops to back it up, but now, with a bracelet, it finally looks the part in a way that it never has before.

IWC New Pilot’s Replica Watch TOP GUN

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For pilot watches, IWC Replica is one of the benchmark brands. Their history is rich in the watches worn in the cockpit.

IWC is one of the first watch brands to use ceramics to make Replica Watches cases. Make the watch not only durable, but also comfortable to wear. This material has many advantages, such as being very scratch resistant, lightweight, and can reach the same skin temperature in a few seconds.

The Fake IWC movement inside the case is 69380. When the movement diameter is smaller than the dial diameter, the chronograph function is concentrated in the center.

The movement is protected by a soft iron inner cage to prevent magnetism, and its sapphire crystal is specially fixed to withstand sudden drops in air pressure. This automatic movement has a column wheel for precise timekeeping and a two-way pawl winding system, which is comparable to the legendary IWC Replica Watch Pellaton movement.