Be a powerful IWC replica woman

About this year’s hottest China series, recently being hit “my former life is definitely not open around the topic. The women in the play are modern and beautiful, sensible and intelligent, and dominate their own bright and free world. In the face of luck and misfortune, they brave and vision, bravely meet the challenges and gifts of fate, calm and true. “My first half of life” attracted a large number of female loyal powder, and perhaps they found their own shadow in the female protagonists.

The queen and workplace “actress Tang Jing, one of the” hot media has also become a sought after, the interpretation of urban women in the elite play perfect cold and longing, in a man on the battlefield, she has the enviable style; face the feelings of the world’s troubles, she didn’t mean to show their pride and. In the play, accompanied by her wrist, to add to its self-confidence and temperament, it is a IWC replica¬†watch.
In reality, Tangjing played by Yuan Quan is wearing the IWC expression of Wenxi universal love moon phase watch series. Calm attitude, self confident heart gentle atmosphere show Yuan Quan will belong to IWC replica watches women, the perfect interpretation of “meaningless to the United States” this IWC female common temperament.

This year, the new universal Da Vince series gives more modern color in the redesign of international designers, the continuation of the classic double border round bezel, crown and button elements and simplified, such as table circle become more narrow and more flat to meet the aesthetic view today, launched with different functions men and women watch. In the Yuan Quan wearing 36 mm will be its new moon phase watch Da Vince round soft lines into full play.
Recently, I also got the Da Vince moon automatic watch, a 36 mm case, three kinds of different material, color collocation. Watch the family got one (model: IW459307), the use of stainless steel material, silver plated dial and bezel is set with a fine diamond ring, in addition to many color Santoni crocodile leather cheap replica watches strap, this watch makes more feminine.

The silver dial is surrounded by 54 diamonds embedded in the bezel, and the inner ring of the ladder type dial is designed to make the dial look more vivid and solid. The exterior of the dial is marked with an eye-catching layout, and the old version of the Da Vince watch does not have the Arabia digital time scale, while the new version uses the imprint technique to make the golden time mark clear and eye-catching for easy reading. At 12 o’clock the moon and the golden blue display for the dial harmonious whole picture on the punchline, let this watch add a feminine touch feeling.

The new Da Vince family has a unique ear design. It is not only unique, but also practical. This replica watches can move on the fixed axis of the ear, which makes the wrist watch fit the wrist of the female wearer.

The bottom of the table engraved with the “flower of life” pattern, is the symbol of the new Da Vince, is a multiple overlapping rings of geometric modeling, in order to make the world of Renaissance new aesthetic defined contribution tribute. Equipped with 35800 automatic movement, central hand with stop device and moon phase display functions available, provide 42 hours of power reserve.

The new moon Da Vince watch 36 A total of three models, respectively – gold copper Crocodile Leather Watchband, stainless steel – Blue crocodile leather replica watch strap steel and Diamond – dark brown crocodile leather watchband. 36 mm watchcase size, for women watches is a relatively large size, more in line with modern women tend to neuter, choose a trend of watches, highlighting the independent and strong side of their female elite. This stainless steel diamond watches price: 106000 RMB, has been in the China sale.