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IWC Portugieser Chronograph Ref. IW3716 Replica Watch

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The Portugieser split-second chronograph was launched three years later in 1995. The first generation IWC Portugieser Chronograph ref. 3716 Replica combines a simple appearance, excellent size and affordable price.

There are 9 watches in this series, made of stainless steel or 18k red gold, including classic stainless steel and gold digital chronographs, which are typical Portuguese chronographs.

Portugieser’s design is simple, but unexpectedly different. The Cheap IWC Replica dial features Arabic numerals, a dotted minute track, and a spacious but symmetrical layout. Matched with the narrow bezel, the result is a recognizable and pleasing appearance, but also versatile, from the original chronograph to the chronograph.

The figures on the stainless steel models are brass, but the figures on the 18k gold models are also pure gold. The difference between application and relief is almost impossible to discern, but it has a little extra benefit.

The original design and structure of the Fake IWC Watches dial remain intact, except for some minor modifications, including the application numbers mentioned above.

Likewise, the golden running seconds hand has a dome profile and is thinner than the original, making it less protruding than all other flat polished hands.

The outstanding size, as well as the incredibly discreet and clear dial, make the IWC Portugueser Replica a very sharp watch, perhaps the most elegant mid-range automatic chronograph on the market.

IWC Introduces the Portugieser Chronograph 3716

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Unveiled in 1998, the original Replica IWC Portugieser Chronograph ref. 3714 had a surprisingly long life, managing to be a bestseller for 22 years – and a lucrative franchise for IWC.

Now it has finally been replaced by the new Portugieser Chronograph ref. 3716 that looks almost identical, but is powered by a proprietary movement.

Now the ref. 3716 joins the regular collection, IWC Replica with steel or 18k rose gold case, as well as all of the dial variants that were offered for the outgoing ref. 3714.

That means the quintessential Portugieser Chronograph in steel matched a silver dial, gold numerals and gold hands is still available.

The new IWC Portugieser Chronograph Replica is slightly larger than the original, but the differences are so slight that they are not apparent at all. The new model is 41 mm in diameter and 13.1 mm high, compared to 40.9 mm by 12.6 mm for the original.

Fake IWC labels the cal. 69355 in-house, but the movement is part of the 69000 family, which incorporates some basic components of the Valjoux 7750, most notably the going train and barrel.