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Gold Replica Watches On A Rise

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In recent weeks, the price of gold has reached a new record high. In uncertain times, people tend to return to the old standards. To a certain extent, this trend is also driven by Replica Watch brands making their own alloys, which gives them a unique advantage in a highly competitive market. Rose gold and rose gold are particularly popular due to their warm shade.

Rolex Daytona ‘Rainbow’

Rose gold is a pink gold hue introduced by Rolex in 2005. The exact content of the alloy has been kept secret, but it contains at least 76% pure gold and can be certified as 18K gold. Its appearance is warmer than the most common appearance in rose gold.

This is why it looks particularly stunning by the Rolex Daytona’Rainbow’ Replica watch. Here, it serves as a brilliant background for the setting of colored gemstones on the bezel and dial, as does the setting for brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial. The same is true for the lugs.

Hublot Big Bang Integral King Gold

Hublot Replica can promote development, as far as gold is concerned. With their exclusive King Gold, they created warmer tones than traditional 5N gold. For this, more copper needs to be added to the mixture, which stabilizes the gold, so the color does not change over time, which is very challenging.

By adding platinum, Hublot can ensure that the attractiveness of any of its watches in this gold will last. The beauty of its color makes it popular. Therefore, it was not surprising when Hublot launched its Hublot Big Bang Replica earlier this year, which also included a full Golden King version.