IWC Replica Da Vinci series calendar calendar watch

This year, the nations to express the text of the series changed the usual barrel-shaped shape design, launched in 1985, the classic Da Vinci calendar watch for the inspiration, the continuation of the 20th century, 80’s classic round case design style. Official model: IW392101

The new Da Vinci series of watches to the classic round case re-interpretation of the Da Vinci series, blend of the 20th century, 80’s legendary design style and modern low-key style, to maintain the universal luxury replica watches has been respected modernism simple style.

IWC Replica Watches with 43 mm 18K red gold case, with silver dial, white dial, although the four small dial, occupy all the positions of the dial, but the symmetrical balance makes the dial orderly.

Dial 3 and 9 when the date are equipped with a date display and the week display disk, 6 o’clock position with a small seconds and the moon display disk into a small dial.
Dial 12 o’clock position with moon phase and timing two-in-one dark blue small dial, small dial time to time to innovate, the two-pointer instructions, read more convenient. The moon phase shows the extreme precision, the moon phase profit and loss shows the actual profit and loss cycle with the moon every 577.5 years accumulated 1 day error, that moon phase display every 577 years only need to adjust once.

7:30 location with four digits of the year display window.
Carefully polished 18K red gold case thickness of 15.5 mm.

And 1985, the Da Vinci perpetual calendar watch used in all the different round crown, the new Da Vinci calendar watch watch and the two buttons with a cylindrical shape. 18K red gold crown crown carved with a brand logo, the side with anti-skid texture.
Lugs soft and delicate texture, smooth lines. From the overall point of view and watch the perfect integration as a whole, highlight the overall beauty of the meter.
Watch with dark brown crocodile leather strap, with a double sheet folding clasp, wearing soft and comfortable. At the same time, with a curved two-angle mobile watch ear straps more fit wrist, to enhance the comfort of wearing a watch.

Watch equipped with 89630 self-made self-winding chronograph movement, through the cheap replica watches transparent sapphire glass bottom, you can enjoy the embedded blue steel screws with sophisticated design, engraved with brand logo red gold pendulum and The rich ornaments on the bridge. Watch can provide 68 hours power storage and 30 meters waterproof depth.

Summary:IWC Da Wenxi calendar calendar watch its famous mechanical timing function and the permanent moon phase profit and loss display function integrated in a dial, only 3 mm fine moon at 12 o’clock position, dark blue circular display plate On behalf of the Earth’s shadow turn and then show the moon phase profit and loss changes.

IWC replica Da Vince automatic watch moon 36

The automatic watch 36 launch, is a comprehensive expression of the universal regression function in west moon series. The Da Vince series launched phase watch a total of three different types of optional. A watch case for the steel case, bezel inlaid with 54 diamonds, and equipped with a dark brown alligator strap; the other is a steel watch, equipped with a dark blue alligator strap. There is a bronze with Crocodile Leather Watchband red gold watchcase watches (watch type: IW459308), enjoy a.

Mellow and smooth lines, color case noble precious material, semi round crown and display lunar complex function, replica watches exudes elegant temperament, very suitable for love in the pursuit of luxury style and superb technology, elegant people. It is worth mentioning that, after the new design, the upgrading of the mobile ear watch, so that watches wear more flexible and comfortable, while improving comfort.
Although the actual operating cycle of the moon for 29.53 days, but the classic moon gear system design can break five homes in four to 29.5 days. Gear automatic daily push display plate to move a tooth, to display the moonphase correctly. Depending on the requirement, the wearer can update the display at 2 o’clock by means of the attached pin.

Watch with 36 mm 18K red gold watchcase, watchcase thickness is 11.5 mm, the traditional round case collocation of white silver dial, dial inlaid with black Arabia digital stereo calibration, the dial is arranged on the edge of the black minute scale. Digital time scales within a circle of low-key groove, the central three pointer to pointer light blue steel, elegant color dial. Watch the 12 o’clock position with the moon phase display window, the window, the night sky blue background represents the collocation of golden moon and the stars, moon phase display marked the bottom of IWC replica brand logo.
The watch crown is exquisite and small, using a semicircle design, more rounded shape. The crown is made of 18K gold, the side through non slippery texture processing, easy to operate.

The watch is equipped with a copper alligator strap with a copper tone that gives the best details of the scale of the leather strap. Strap with 18K red dial buckle, more secure and secure. The utility model relates to a movable watch ear design, which makes the watchband more ergonomic and more compact.

The watch is equipped with 35800 type automatic upper chain movement. The power is extracted from the wrist swing of the wearer. It has 42 hours power storage under full string, and the watch has a waterproof depth of 30 meters. The watch’s bottom is inscribed with the flower of life, and the flower of life is a geometric shape made up of multiple overlapping rings, drawn by Da Vince in depth study. This model reflects his relentless pursuit of aesthetic and proportional mathematical rules, as well as the design features of the new Da Vince watch series – creativity, technology and aesthetics.

Summary: Circular watchcase, semi-circular crown, removable watch ears, the new Da Vince series came out with a new gesture, while maintaining a low-key, modern style. On the basis of the 36 phases of the automatic cheap replica watches, bring back to Da Vince series moon phase function, with phase function of Da Vince watches more elegant and charming, with complex function. This watch is officially priced at 127000 RMB.

IWC Da Vinci cheap replica watches (on)

To the six main series of turns as the annual theme of the IWC replica, this year’s protagonist is full of 10 years after the Da Vinci series. The first series of quartz watches in 1969, the Kurt Klaus masters in 1984 designed the four-digit year display calendar module, or the 2007 brand published the first self-produced chronograph machine Core 89360, it is said that the brand is an important creative mileage to the Renaissance era of Italian scholar Da Wenxi also seems to echo this series of traditions. And this year launched a new Da Vinci watch inherited a series of powerful creative tradition, in addition to the design from the original barrel-shaped return to the classic round, as well as the introduction of a new calendar chronograph and reverse jump Tourbillon watch two Complex function works, the most watched focus is since the 1980s after gradually fade out of the IWC product line from the female watch, officially returned this year.

Return to the glory of 1980, Da Vinci craft legendary reproduction
In 2007, IWC decided to re-interpretation of the shape of the drums Da Wenxi series, IWC six series to become the only non-round watch series, was caused by a considerable shock. The barrel-shaped design is actually 1969 IWC replica first equipped with Beta 21 quartz movement, but also the first named Da Wenxi watch for the model, be regarded as the origin of this classic series to pay tribute.
But for the IWC table fans, the more familiar history of the Da Vinci series is in 1985 to carry Kurt Klaus design perpetual calendar module calendar calendar as a starting point. The perpetual calendar module to 81 parts, and in 2499 years without manual adjustment. Date, week, month, moon phase profit and loss, and year show perfect synchronized with each other, all display can also advance through the crown adjustment. In addition, the four-digit year display and 122 years will appear one day error of high-precision moon phase profit and loss show, it is the most distinctive calendar of the calendar module characteristics, as IWC since the quartz revolution since the most representative of the process achievements. Design, this perpetual calendar chronograph with rounded case with a balanced and harmonious face plate configuration, plus rounded crown, surrounded by concave groove double-frame bezel and other details, delineate the classic outline of a generation of technology. And the new Wensheng series of watches is to the IWC craft legendary tribute.
The design of the new Da Vinci series is based on the 1985 Darwin’s perpetual calendar watch, which means that the barrel shape has to be used since 2007 and return to the circular case configuration again. And through further details of the design, design and feel to wear and further upgrade.
Classic inheritance – Da Vinci automatic watch
IWC launched this year, the new Da Vinci series of watches, in addition to the classic calendar chronograph, with a reverse jump Tourbillon watch and chronograph and other complex features of the works, but also launched a few with Practical function of the watch, this Da Vinci automatic watch is one of the most basic style.
Da Vinci automatic watch for the 40 mm stainless steel round case, inherited the 1985 classic Da Vinci calendar chronograph design features, rounded case with a simple style, launched a total of two styles, including rock gray Dial with rhodium-plated pointer strap models, and silver-plated dial with gold-plated hour hand and blue steel second hand Santoni crocodile leather strap models, both men and women wearer are attractive. Especially the details of the watch part of the upgrade, it is appreciated.
Although the classic design of the 1980s as a blueprint, the new Da Vinci automatic watch 40 mm many of the design details, in fact, closer to the IWC in the late 1990s launched the Da Vinci SL automatic watch (Ref.3528). Including a double-frame bezel stainless steel case, depicting the simple and neat outline; active lugs make the watch more clothes on the curve of the wrist. In addition, the three-dimensional Arabic numerals are also used with Ref.3528 the same font, and the sword-shaped pointer perfect echo. These details are given to the new Da Vinci automatic watch more modern aesthetic style and more comfortable to wear feel.
The Beauty of Harmony and Harmony: IWC ‘s Return of Women
In addition to returning to the classic round design, the other focus is to gradually drop in 2000 from the cheap IWC replica product line fade out of the female watch back to the brand. IWC only male watch impression, in fact, from the official brand of a slogan “IWC, Engineered for men”, and in fact IWC watch, including the brand’s most recognizable Big Pilot’s large pilot watch or the Portuguese series Watch, regardless of the design or size are worthy of male watch the table, is considered for the male and the birth of the watch brand is also quite reasonable. However, in the IWC brand history, the female watch has also been an important brand of the product line to the beginning of the 20th century IWC launch jewelry table as a starting point, the proportion of female watches in the 1920s from the 1/4, grow to 1970 The era of more than 1/3; product type from the jewelry, jewelry table constantly transformed to the 1980s has been the traditional female watch frame, showing Porsche Design or Da Vinci series of female table such a new functional appearance. For up to a century, women’s watches are an important member of the IWC family.

60 stainless steel watch, table diameter 36 mm, inlaid 54 diamonds, silver dial, stainless steel butterfly buckle, hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase display, 35800 automatic winding movement , Power storage 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters, brown Santoni crocodile leather strap.
In order to let the female watch back to the main product line, IWC in the previous two years in the Parker Fenuo series and pilot series launched 37 mm and 36 mm “neutral” watch as lay out, and then published in SIHH this year Of the new Da Vinci series, the official declaration of female watch return. The new Da Vinci series launched a total of two new female watch style: moon phase automatic watch 36 and automatic watch 36, have the basic functions and simple and balanced design. Which is worth mentioning that the two watches are engraved on the table with the “flower of life”, which is the ancient religion of the symbol of life and the origin of the universe, the sacred geometric totem, the Renaissance era of Italian scholar Da Vinci on this Geometric totem for precision drawing, interpretation of his mathematical rules through the pursuit of the perfect ratio and beauty. IWC in the two new Davis female cheap replica watches behind the back cover are engraved with the “flower of life” totem, with Darwin described the harmony and rationality of the pure beauty of the perfect echo.

To reproduce the classic appearance – Davis moon automatic watch 36
Monthly profit and loss show is a very important design features of the Da Vinci series of watches, launched in 1985, the perpetual calendar chronograph, designed by Kurt Klaus calendar module is the most attractive design is set at 12 o’clock Bell position, was the table fans nicknamed “when the first month,” the moon phase profit and loss show, with the four-digit year display tied for the most original design of the Da Vinci series. In the new launch of the Davis moon automatic watch 36, IWC designers in particular to the basic three-pin function combined with the classic moon phase profit and loss show, with another simple style re-interpretation of the Da Vinci series of legend The

Up to 36 seconds, silver dial, stainless steel butterfly buckle, hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase display, 35800 self-winding movement, power storage 42 Hour, waterproof 30 meters, dark blue Santoni crocodile leather strap.

Davis moon automatic watch 36 special emphasis on simple design style, the overall design, including a double-frame bezel round case, conical crown, active lugs, etc., are the most simple and neat Lines present, with a harmonious face plate layout perfect echo. Although the design emphasizes simplicity, but in the details of the part is quite delicate, such as the face of the disk used in the embedded three-dimensional time scale, as well as ladder-type inner ring, and 12 o’clock moon phase profit and loss show together for the simple design style Increase the richness of the visual. The new version of the red gold, stainless steel diamonds, and stainless steel, etc., are equipped with Santoni crocodile leather strap, whether it is luxury precious metal and diamond version, or simple rate Of the stainless steel version, are each showing a different style.
Up to 30 seconds, silver plate, 18K red gold butterfly buckle, hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase display, 35800 automatic winding movement, power storage Can be 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters, copper Santoni crocodile leather strap.
Daveni moon phase automatic watch 36 back of the table

Interpretation of contemporary style – Da Vinci automatic watch 36
Da Vinci automatic watch 36 is the new Da Vinci series launched another female watch style. And the Davis moon automatic watch 36, as well as the previous two years of Parker Fenuo automatic watch 37 and pilots automatic watch 36 are the same, are 36 mm diameter table diameter, in the traditional definition has been close to the male wrist Table size, but the table altar after years of large size design trend of baptism, women wear 36 mm watch the watch does not appear to be abrupt. It is this Da Vinci automatic watch 36 design style is quite simple and neat, but also suitable for men to wear.
Da Vinci automatic watch 36 with the basic function of the three-pin with 6 o’clock position of the date display, and Da Vinci automatic watch and the previous two years of Parker Fenuo automatic watch 37 and the pilot automatic watch 36 Are equipped with 35111 automatic movement. The design is consistent with the style of this year’s new Da Vinci series, simple and neat round case, conical crown and active lugs, and then with embedded three-dimensional time scale, as well as ladder-type inner ring and other enhanced Details, clear introverted contours contain a rich connotation, to show contemporary aesthetic style. The “flower of life” engraved with the back cover reveals the connotation of the creative and the pursuit of pure aesthetics.

60 stainless steel watch, table diameter 36 mm, inlaid 54 diamonds, silver dial, stainless steel butterfly buckle, hours, minutes, seconds, date, 35111 self-winding movement, waterproof 30 meters Berry Pink Santoni Crocodile Leather Strap.
Up to the date, 35111 self-winding movement, waterproof 30 meters, 18K red gold watch, table diameter 36 mm, inlaid 54 diamonds, silver dial, Belt and folding buckle.
The new Da Vinci automatic watch 36 launched a total of red gold and stainless steel two materials, both diamond and non-drilling models, and with Santoni crocodile leather strap or chain version, a total of five styles to choose from, rich Of the style can fully meet the female wearer’s matching needs.