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As a material, does bronze have an imposing history playing an essential role especially from around 3300 till 600 BC. During this period, which is even named the Bronze age, was the alloy made from combining tin with copper. Today these are still the main ingredients although in watchmaking, often alluminium is added as well.

The advantage of bronze is that it is very malleable and also less brittle than, for example, cast iron, so perfect for making a great variety of different objects. As the material is very resistant to corrosion from seawater, it has also played a particularly important role in maritime history.

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere bronze

While bronze makes especially sense as a material of choice for diving copy watches, due to their natural resistance against saltwater corrosion, today’s pallet of timepieces with a case made from this particular alloy is much broader.The same can be said of the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Bronze. This watch gets a lot of flair from its oversized onion crown, and its appeal will only grow with the years, as its case develops its own unique patina.

The bronze-cased pilot watches of IWC

This is probably also why IWC Replica opted to use bronze as a case material for a range of Pilot’s Watch Spitfires. The material offers little added advantage for a pilot’s watch, as it does for a diver, but it looks so good.

As green is the predominant color that the patina will take on, IWC Pilot Replica Watch selected green dials.This gives the Pilot’s watches a completely new look, while their recognizability is maintained. It is also a testimony to the position that bronze has achieved within the watch industry. While it will probably never replace stainless steel, it has shown considerable staying power, and will most likely be able to maintain a niche of its own.

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A Hands-On Review of the Replica Oris Big Crown ProPilot

Replica Watches Spiraling lines, like a turbine’s blades, cover this rotatable ring and give the bezel a non-slip surface that makes it easier to turn. A quick clockwise twist overcomes a spring’s resistance and triggers the ordinary hour hand for the local time to leap ahead one hour; a counterclockwise turn makes the same hand jump back an hour.

HyperFocal: 0

A practical detail: the date display automatically switches either forward or backward when the hour hand passes midnight. The subdial at 3 o’clock shows the time in the wearer’s home time zone. The Substantial Fake Watch day-night display occupies a little window here: if the aperture is orange, it’s OK to phone home; if it’s black, your family is probably asleep.

The height remains slim (13.5 mm), the diameter (44.7 mm) doesn’t look at all exaggerated, and the bezel makes a somewhat narrow impression. No crevice or other gap suggests that this ring can be rotated. All in all, Oris Replica has designed and built a very solid and tidily crafted case.

A clever arrangement results in a tidy dial with numerals that remain uncropped by other indicators. The inset subdials and the light orange accents go well with the matte black dial.

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Rolex Air-King Ref. 114200 Replica Watch online

In 2007, the Rolex Air-King Replica finally moved into a more modern era. Although the dimensions stayed at 34mm, the watch received a significant facelift, with the case thickened up and the lugs widened, giving the watch a noticeably larger overall appearance on the wrist.

A new solid link Oyster bracelet with a redesigned clasp replaced the former 78350 and the steel used throughout the watch was also uprated to the immensely strong and corrosion-resistant 904L. Additionally, a larger range of dial colors was added, and an IWC Replica 18k white gold fluted bezel became an option for the very first time.

Most importantly, while it kept the same Cal. 3130 as its predecessor, it was now an official chronometer-certified movement. The Rolex Replica ref. 114200’s relatively short production run and its chronometer-rated movement make it an intriguing option for collectors.

However, as welcome and well-thought-out as the changes to this generation were, the Substantial Rolex Air-King Replica days were numbered. In 2014, it was quietly withdrawn from the catalog entirely, with many expecting that was the last we would see of it, after more than seventy years of continuous production.